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Hosting a Webinar to Maintain Customer Loyalty and Increase Your Base of Clients.
Day 1
07 Apr 2021
Day 2
31 Mar 2021
Day 3
16 Mar 2021
Day 4
03 Mar 2021
Day 5
24 Feb 2021
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18 Feb 2021
Day 7
03 Feb 2021
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21 Jan 2021
Day 9
19 Jan 2021

Developing a Customer-Centric Strategy That Will Culturally Transform Your Organisation To Adopt Innovative CX Practice, In A Complex Operational Environment

  • Use the Customer’s Communication Style
  • Embedding Cultural Mechanics In Your Organisation To Ensure Your Workforce is Adopting A Customer-Centric Approach
  • Invest in Customer Service Training
  • Solicit and Adapt to Feedback
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Finding Opportunity in Adversity – Banking post Covid-19

  • Maintaining normal services during times of crises
  • Support for vulnerable customers and the role of the bank
  • Staying up to speed in innovation to spearhead change and gain competitive advantage and stamp out fraud
  • Building a remote working eco-system that guarantees a secure digital infrastructure that protects society and the banks
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The top three challenges for corporates in 2021 – and how to tackle them

  • What will it take for fintech to succeed in a COVID world?
  • BigTech in finance: Understanding the impact and Challenges
  • The ROI of failure and success
  • Presents Lessons from an economic first responder
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Biotech experience of the rapid and nimble acceleration of clinical programmes in the light of Covid-19

  • When a vaccine leaves the laboratory, its fate is determined by society rather than science
  • All disease outbreaks are accompanied by outbreaks of fear, moralization and action
  • How can you design vaccines to avoid provoking or amplifying fears?
  • Avoid ‘deficit thinking’ about the intended recipients of the vaccine
  • Mitigating COVID-19 risks with virtualization methods
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Safeguard your business against future supply chain threats

  • The three key tasks the management did to help mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 on business operations
  • How the demand for sustainability initiatives from logistics operations have grown in recent years and why this is on the rise
  • Logistics as an essential service: How COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of logistics networks into cities; and how this raises questions/concerns against an accelerated sustainability agenda
  • Delivering excellence in a digital world
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Pharmacovigilance and patient safety: Trends of a new decade

  • The local QPPV’s Value in a Global PV System
  • Establishing a PV affiliate Management function under a global mixed-model commercial environment
  • What can we learn from quantification for benefit risk and is it applicable today?
  • Regulatory issues of pharmacoepidemiology
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Strategic Supplier Relationship Management / Procurement

  • How key suppliers drive your company’s competitive advantage
  • Not all suppliers are of equal importance, yet most manufacturers treat them all the same
  • Supplier sales systems are typically more sophisticated that manufacturer supplier management systems
  • Manufacturing margins are being squeezed, and inefficient procurement processes are at the heart of the problem
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FinTech – future built on partnerships

  • Bringing digital to the core to drive up efficiency, optimization, and satisfaction
  • The challenges to become a part of the customer’s ecosystem
  • Designing data-driven smart customer engagements in the post-transformation era
  • A new Digital Service Model as the next generation of advice and sales in banking
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Workforce Planning for Competitive Advantage post COVID-19

  • Remote work enables flexibility, productivity, and cost savings
  • Diagnose business conditions internally and externally
  • Critical skills and competency development
  • The pandemic and fallout have changed the focus of employee experience to sustaining the performance and engagement of a distributed workforce
  • Current and future leadership
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